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Balanced Bodies

Logo step 3: Narrowing the design - pass 2

Now that we had seen many options it was time to narrow them down a little before expanding out into a few more options. The following images were selected to form the basic designs going forward:

Balanced Bodies logo - black and white Black and white version pdf
Balanced Bodies logo - grayscale Grayscale version pdf
Balanced Bodies logo - colour Colour version pdf

Now that the choices were narrowed down a little, it was time to experiment with a few more variations - thinking ahead to business cards, letterheads, etc.

Second pass - more variations Download a vector-based .pdf here

The horizontal line was extended and the text separated from the figures. We then tried having the figures on the left and the right, and reversing their order. The focus here was primarily on a letterhead design, which had to have a very wide aspect ratio. For the letterhead the text could be far more subtle than in the logo and since it would appear on a letter, it would probably be large enough to read anyway. Finally the third letterhead variation in the example above was chosen to be made into a letterhead, and the small version of combined figures would be used at the bottom of the page.

Second pass - letterhead Download a vector-based .pdf here

This letterhead design seemed to work quite well. It was clean and crisp, small and uncluttered and by reversing the order of the figures it helped to create almost an invisible line running from top to bottom, left to right, diagonally through to the text of "Balanced Bodies". The same idea was employed using the group of figures at the bottom right of the page - the eye seems to be drawn from the top-left corner, through the centre of the page, down to the bottom-right corner.

Naturally, we could adapt the letterhead concept to the black and white and grayscale versions of the logos we had done earlier simply by changing the fill properties of the respective silhouettes, but it is not necessary to show this here.

Eventually this series following the logo may be expanded as the designs evolve, but in the meantime you can examine some other artwork done for Balanced Bodies, for example some business cards and banner ads. Many of these were done prior to this logo work.

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