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Balanced Bodies

Business cards

Two designs were done for business cards. The first was prior to the logo design, and the second was after the logo was designed, and after Lynn got her studio. The second design was therefore the "final" design.

Initial design

Before we designed the logo we did a "quick and dirty" business card design. The idea behind this design was to create a sense of balance between left and right, nature and the body. Unfortunately the image chosen for the right-hand side is yoga pose, rather than a Pilates pose. This was unfortunate but seemed to fit the design well.

Balanced Bodies business card Download a vector-based .pdf here

Final design

Lynn's move to the new studio meant that cards had to be reprinted - so this time is was more appropriate to spend more time on the design. It was important to project the best possible image.

For the final design we were able to incorporate the new logo, and also had the ability to print full colour on both sides. This allowed us to also print a small map with the directions to the studio. This time we tried to keep the front of the card as clean and clear as possible.

At first glance it appears as if the printing process was done with black and a single spot colour. Pantone coated hexachrome cyan was used, and each figure has a different level of tint, so it could possibly have been done like that. However, in order to show in a subtle way that the process was full colour, without actually looking like it was, it was decided to use small separators in a different colour between the items in the address section. Normally such separators might be done with small bullet points, but we decided to shrink down one of the figures and make this mini-logo act as the bullet point instead. The end effect is quite subtle, which is exactly the way it was intended. Due to their small size it won't be possible to see the separators unless you download the .pdf version and zoom in.

Balanced Bodies business card front Download a vector-based .pdf here

For the back of the card we had a bit more scope for creativity, so we used an image and a layout that also tries to convey a sense of balance.

Balanced Bodies business card back Download a vector-based .pdf here

The woman with outstretched arms is helping to create a sense of balance. She isn't looking directly at us, so our attention is not distracted. She looks forward into the big empty space created by the ocean, horizon and sky. Our eyes move upward to space where we can write an appointment, and then to the map.

The map and the appointment area are placed on cyan-coloured rounded boxes, which almost match the blue of the sky, but not quite. This makes them blend well, but not so much that they disappear. The edges of these colours may not display properly on your screen, depending on the quality of your system.

The only negative effect was a curious optical illusion that makes the map appear crooked along the top edge. The map is in fact perfectly straight, but the only way to remove this illusion was to make the rounded box behind the map significantly different to the background, which didn't look very nice. So we left it the way it was.

The map itself was quite a mini-project in itself, and you can get more details about the map in the "map" section.

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