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Occasionally I dabble a little in graphics work. I don't claim to have any special skills in this area, though I have been complemented on some of my work. I have no training in this area, and was never much good at drawing or art. Nonetheless, I think I have a reasonable sense for layout - by this I mean how objects relate to each other with respect to spacing, and how various objects might complement or offset each other. I enjoy experimenting with various typefaces, as well as adapting existing graphics into my designs (which I usually "borrow" from elsewhere on the net). I'm not very good at freehand drawing, therefore I prefer to trace existing pictures, or use designs which avoid having to build my own objects or shapes from scratch. I once considered studying graphic arts purely as a hobby, but decided that I wouldn't have much in common with the other art students, and having to take subjects on silk screening and painting didn't really excite me. Maybe I'll think about buying some books one day - if anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

This area is broken down into small sub-projects which you may select from the menu on the left, or browse down further to see a brief description and preview of each section. Some sections are nothing more than a collection of images, others contain more detailed notes on the design process itself.

Quick samples

This is a dedicated page which only showcases a brief sample of some of my work. It is not categorised, and no explanations are given here. It is also not a complete listing, but just designed to give you some highlights if you are bored and do not have a sufficiently long enough attention span to visit the individual graphics projects.

More details

Balanced Bodies

Balanced Bodies Pilates in Zurich

Balanced Bodies is a Pilates studio in Zurich. The owner, Lynn Watkins, asked me to do some work for her on her logo and various other aspects of the presentation of her business such as business cards, flyers, graphics for the web, etc. The project was probably one of my more extensive "hobby" projects with graphics. Therefore I decided to dedicate a fairly large section to showcase the various steps of the process, as well as all the various alternatives we played with during the design process. I also wrote some general information about Pilates and her business here. Please note that she subsequently changed the name of the business and therefore the logo, website, forms, graphics, etc. The new name is Symetris Pilates. I'll add details about this project when I get some time.

More details

Zurich Divers

Learn to dive with Zurich Divers

Zurich Divers is a small venture started by me to get English-speaking divers together in Zurich. So far the requirements for graphics have not been great, but nonetheless some basic logo work and business card layouts were done. In future there could be more graphics done for this project.

More details

Symetris Pilates

Symetris Pilates in Zurich

Symetris Pilates was the successor to Balanced Bodies. Totally new graphics and corporate identity were required.

More details


I had several smaller projects that didn't really seem to justify their own menu item, so I made a general section and put them all in there.

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