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Oops - you arrived here from a search engine and you weren't interested in graphic design? Perhaps you were looking for Symetris Pilates, or for Pilates training in Zurich?

Symetris Pilates

Logo step 2: Further experimentation

Now that the concept was almost finished, a few more variations were tried - to see how it would work in cases where space was restricted or the aspect ratio needed to be changed.

Symetris logo experiments - 5th passVariations, including a more square aspect ratio

The next experiment was to move the figure partially out of the box. It wasn't too successful.

Symetris logo experiments - 6th passMoving the figure out of the box - not so successful

As well as more square aspect ratio, a logo was also needed for certain cases such as a web banner or logo at the top of a web page. In this case only a small number of pixels may be available (for example, only 70 or 80 vertical pixels). This variation appears in the next illustration.

Symetris logo experiments - 7th passFinal experimentation, including web banner

The logo was now complete - a final example follows.

Symetris logo experiments - finalFinal logo concept

This logo was then used in all further artwork for the company. A selection of this artwork will be shown on the subsequent pages.

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