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Zurich Divers

In the summer of 2004 I resurrected an old project to start up my own web site specialising in providing information for English-speaking divers in the Zurich area. I had previously put up a rather hideous site two years before, so I completely rebuilt it.

Zurich Divers didn't receive a lot of my attention with respect to graphics - I focused more on getting a lot of text content into it than anything else. I needed a logo in a hurry - just something half decent, and Metodi Davidovic kindly obliged with this one:

Zurich Divers first web banner Initial logo

Metodi formed this logo by combining two of the images he found in my photo albums and adding the text with the font "Bruno JB". Since this logo was only done at very low resolution I needed another quick and dirty logo that I could also use at higher resolutions. I simplified it a bit and came up with this:

Zurich Divers revised logo Revised logo

I am by no means happy with this logo - as it is fairly limited. At some stage I will sit down and think about designing a new one. This is most definitely a work in progress.

Business cards

I also produced some business card designs for Zurich Divers. I used one of my favourite photos from a trip to Austria as the base, and added the text using one of my favourite fonts, Bank Gothic. I had to modify the logo slightly to work well with the image as the background. I started the project in Corel DRAW, but soon found that it was hard to get some of the extra logos to blend in over the image in Corel, so I went back to Photoshop to combine all the graphic elements together, and then switched back to Corel to lay the text over the top and produce the .pdf for printing.

Zurich Divers business card Download a vector-based .pdf here

Once the template was in place it was simple to make additional versions:

Zurich Divers business card Download a vector-based .pdf here

I had the cards printed at Laserline in Germany, whom I can recommend - fast and inexpensive, but unfortunately their web site is in German only.

Web banners

One evening I decided to play around and make some web banners for someone who was going to put them on their site. They hated all of them, but I enjoyed making them anyway.

Zurich Divers web banner Zurich Divers web banner Zurich Divers web banner Zurich Divers web banner Zurich Divers web banner
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