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General graphics

fyvie.net graphics

fyvie.net was originally started sometime in early 2001. Back then it was a hideous creation made with Netobjects Fusion, and about four folders of photos. In June 2003 I revamped it and rebuilt the site from scratch using manually created HTML/CSS. As part of this revamping I created some graphics, but not a lot. At some point when fyvie.net gets an overhaul I may create additional graphics for it, but at the moment there are really only two graphic items in use.

It wasn't hard to come up with the idea for the background of the banner - since diving is one of my main hobbies, and the site was originally intended to provide a lot of diving information fish for the background seemed a logical choice. As it turned out the diving information was placed on zurichdivers.com instead.

main fyvie.net banner Current logo / header

Building this banner was very simple. It was just a matter of searching around for some background type images with smaller fish and plants, then fading one side of it to black to blend in with the colour scheme used on the rest of this site. I then used Photoshop to add the text and the glowing around the letters was easily added via blending options. I tried to keep the header relatively narrow to allow for the fact that menu options would float over the top of it if users used smaller screen resolutions.

fyvie.net photo banner Current logo / header for photo pages

Creating the banner for the pages in the photo albums was simply a matter of staying with the original concept, except this time vertical screen real estate was scarce, so the priority was to have a banner using a greatly reduced height.

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