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There are often times when I mention something about web sites in a conversation, and people immediately ask if I am a web designer and can I design a web site for them? The answer is almost always "no" to both of those questions. Then there are a lot of people who assume that if you "know something about computers" then you must be the right person to ask about building a web site. Times are changing and people are slowly starting to realise that having a web site is no longer a luxury for a business, it's essential. So many fantastic tools have sprouted up - people are moving more towards CMS (Content Management Systems) and a lot of the browser wars of the past are behind us.

But what does this have to do with me, or fyvie.net in general? Not much really. I just wanted to say that in the last five years I've found myself becoming more and more involved with various web-based projects, in ways that I didn't really foresee at the time. Therefore I have made a dedicated section of this site to showcase various bits and pieces I've worked on.

I'd also like to say that I am not a web designer, professional hoster, ISP, or anything else of that nature. I just do this stuff for fun and because I think it is an important skill to build and develop.

Personally maintained web sites

Zurich Divers website thumbnail

In this section we look at some of the web sites that I personally developed or maintain. These sites have a very close personal connection to me for one reason or another. One example of such a site is the one you are visiting right now. I detail a little bit about each site, why it was built, what technology is uses, etc.

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Raq 4i server

When I build a web site I like to host it on my own server. Because I've got quite a few domains registered, as do my friends and family, this seemed to make sense. In this section we take a look at my server, what it runs and where it lives.

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Assisted web sites

Balanced Bodies website thumbnail

Despite my generally stand-offish nature towards people who want me to "help" with their web site (which usually means that I should do everything for them because they are too lazy to read a book), I do help out the needy on occasion...

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