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Oops - you arrived here from a search engine and you weren't interested in graphic design? Perhaps you were looking for Symetris Pilates, or for Pilates training in Zurich?

Balanced Bodies


Once we had the basic logo concept completed it was time to start designing the stationary. The first step was to design the basic letterhead, which would then form the basic template for all of the subsequent forms. German versions of everything displayed here were also created, along with both colour and black and white versions of each form. For obvious reasons, only the English work is shown here.


The letterhead template was built using Microsoft Word. The logo graphics were embedded as Corel Draw objects. Palantino Linotype was selected as the main font - it's clean, simple and readable both on screen and in print. The font in the footer is Geometr415 Lt BT.

Balanced Bodies Letterhead Download a vector-based .pdf here

Registration forms

The letterhead was used as the basic template for the two registration forms. Each registration form is double-sided, to see the second page you'll have to click on the link to see the .pdf version of the document. When new clients arrive they are given a registration form which includes a medical questionaire and liability release. The forms vary slightly depending on whether they are having a massage or undertaking Pilates training.

Microsoft Word was used for these forms, though it was not the preferred choice. I would have rather done these in Corel Draw.

Balanced Bodies Pilates Registration Balanced Bodies Pilates registration form. Download a vector-based .pdf here
Balanced Bodies Massage Registration Balanced Bodies massage registration form. Download a vector-based .pdf here

Postural analysis forms

New Pilates clients are given a full postural analysis prior to any training. This is so that the appropriate training exercises can be assigned according to the client's individual needs. This analysis is carried out by the trainer using a double-sided form. The form had to be laid out in way that was easy and simple for the trainer to use. Such a document was too complex for Microsoft Word, so Corel Draw was used instead. This form took a good few hours to complete!

These forms carry the Symetris logo rather than the Balanced Bodies logo. This is because the forms were later redesigned when the studio changed its name.

Symetris Postural Analysis Postural analysis - front page
Symetris Postural Analysis Postural analysis - back page

If you would like to see a sample of these forms, or if you are a Pilates Studio and would like to discuss licensing these forms for your studio please contact me directly.

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