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In 2003 I became interested in the open source forum software, phpbb. However, after having to endure security upgrade after security upgrade, and two separate hacks on the forum I formerly had on this site, my love affair with this software ended. Back in the day I did do a fair bit of work with it though, and even produced a couple of mods (modifications) for the phpbb community. I still maintain that I have almost zero knowledge of PHP, but somehow I managed to cobble these mods together just by reading the existing code and tweaking it a little. I even got emails from people asking me to code mods for them for money, which I found very amusing since I didn't really have a clue.

For historical reasons, and for the sake of completeness in this section I am including links to these mods here.

I also wrote a tiny-mini mod to change the default registration fields. Some might find this useful, and I often referred back to that message each time I installed a new phpbb system.

Please don't ask me for support or extensions on these mods - I can't remember how I wrote them, and since I no longer use phpbb I don't have much interest in them anymore.

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