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vBulletin modifications

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After years of looking at different forum software, I realised that vBulletin from Jelsoft was clearly the choice for those who run larger forums. The more I used it, the more I became frustrated about the lack of features that I wanted or needed and started to explore some of the modifications at vbulletin.org.

Soon I started to find that nobody else had written a few modifications that I really needed and set about writing them myself. vBulletin's excellent plugin system makes development of modifications relatively easy and even easier to share with others. Before long I had a string of modifications to my name. You can check my list of current releases here. A short description of each follows.

One-touch Spam Ban and Cleanup

This mod was written due to the frustration of cleaning up after spammers. Individually deleting each post and then banning them became a little too time consuming. When the spammers had made entries in the calendar or sent a whole pile of PMs, the cleanup was even more difficult. This mod makes the task easier by completely removing all of the things that a spammer may have left behind in one stroke. You can view this mod directly here.

Remove Spiders from Who's Online

I became frustrated with the fact that the who's online counters were reporting the large number of spiders visiting the site as visitors. Users would sometimes be amazed that there were 800 guests online and I got tired of explaining that this figure wasn't real. This mod eliminates recognised spiders from all the totals. You can view this mod directly here.

Country Display for Who's Online

This mod adds a flag to the who's online display to show which country a member or guest is currently logged in from. It is configurable so that this information is only visible for specific groups. You can view this mod directly here.

GLA - Geographic Location Awareness for vBulletin

This mod doesn't do anything by itself, but provides an additional layer of information that makes it very easy for other mod developers to add country awareness into their modifications. You can view this mod directly here.

Unique Avatars

Have you ever become confused when you see several users using the same avatar from the pre-defined gallery? This mod prevents users from selecting an avatar that has been taken by someone else. You can view this mod directly here.

vBRecycle / Moderation Auto-PM Bridge

This was a small "fill-in" mod to bridge some functionality between two existing mods. It allows people who use the vBRecycle mod to have automatic PMs sent to users when their messages gets placed in the trash (assuming they also have auto-pm installed) You can view this mod directly here.

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