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Programming nerdWill this be me in future?

From time to time people ask me if I am a programmer. I usually reply that I'm not. I usually just hack around with other people's code or patch together the odd routine or script. I'd say I'm more a scripter than a programmer, but these days that line can tend to blur. I've never had any formal training in programming but do have the odd book on Java, PHP, Perl, HTML and CSS lying around. I've even leafed through some of them occasionally. Yes, I know, those last two aren't programming languages, but the great unwashed seem to think they are. Despite my lack of ability I seem to have managed to churn out a few useful bits and pieces that some people seem to like, so I thought I'd create a section on this site to make them available.

As time goes by more and more people start to think of me as a programmer, which is quite a scary thought. Will I start to grow long hair or wear black-rimmed glasses? Will I start to work long hours feeding myself with nothing but pizzas fed in through a slot in the door? David Ekholm (of JAlbum fame) asks me from time to if I am a programmer and I now reply "well... not really...". But I do think that as the web takes over more and more parts of our lives, learning to use these various tools means we can get routine tasks done and new ideas implemented faster if we don't have to rely on others for help.

This area is broken down into small sub-projects which you may select from the menu on the left, or browse down further to see a brief description and preview of each section.


ExhibitPlus screenshot mini-thumb

A few years ago I was looking for a way to put my growing collection of digital photos on the web. I looked around but everything back then looked rather unprofessional. I stumbled across a programmed called JAlbum written by a guy who seemed to be really passionate about what he did. I contacted him and started writing my own skin for the program shortly after that. The rest is history...

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vBulletin mods

Jelsoft vbulletin logo

The more I worked with vBulletin forums, the more I became interested in the modification possibilities of the vBulletin software itself. Soon I was developing my own mods and releasing them to the community.

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Stanley knife small

This was a little mini-project created because I wanted a tool to make the publishing of this web site easier. Since I publish this web site using a text editor, it would be difficult to edit and maintain all the different files. So I first looked around, then started developing a tool to make these tasks easier. The result was htmlcutter - a small and simple Perl program.

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Smaller programs that didn't really seem to justify their own menu item are located in here.

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