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Balanced Bodies

Logo step 2: Expanding the design - pass 1

Now that we had our basic design it was time to add some effects to see how the concept would advance into the next stage. We tried some soft pastel colours and an outline variation:

3 move combination - colour options Download a vector-based .pdf here

We preferred the solid colours to the outline, but we decided to try and apply an outline to the solid colours and came up with the following:

3 move combination - colour options with outline Download a vector-based .pdf here

The solid colours still seemed to work better but we kept experimenting - this time with fountain fills, and overlaying the figures over each other:

3 move combination - gradient fills and stacking Download a vector-based .pdf here

We weren't so inspired at this point so we went back to our original designs, but this time using pantone colours and altering the degree of tint to give a light into dark effect:

3 move combination - using spot colours with tint Download a vector-based .pdf here

The blue and grey versions still seemed to be the better ones from this series but we decided to try a different variation and experiment with shrinking the sizes of the figures:

3 move combination - altering size of the figures Download a vector-based .pdf here

This didn't seem like the best option for the main logo - but we felt like the smallest version of these might look good as the basis for a letterhead design. Finally it was time for a few more variations before we narrowed the choices down in the next stage of the process - pass 2.

3 move combination - more variations Download a vector-based .pdf here

This set was a bit of a dead-end, with nothing inspirational coming out, so we decided to revert to some of our favourites from the previous designs.

Continue to the next section to see how we narrow down the designs...

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