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Diving Resources

This is where I put useful stuff that I find or create about diving.

Diving information web site re-launched

Learn to dive with Zurich Divers

This it the website which I use for my teaching activities. There's loads of info about diving in Zurich, as well as all the courses offered. This site is in English and German and is primarily designed for people who would like to dive in Zurich and surrounding areas. The first version of this site went live in June 2003, and was completely rebuilt in June 2004. You'll also find more resources and downloads at the download section of Zurich Divers.

Free SCUBA logbook

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Are you running out of space in your current logbook? Unhappy with the amount of space you have to record each dive? This is a free logbook in PDF format which you can print yourself. It is available in both English and German, and each version comes with both A5 and Filofax sized pages. Simply print as many as you like, cut them to size and put them into the binder of your choice. Click on the small preview image to see a larger preview, or simply click on the download link below (redirects to the download section on zurichdivers.com.

Download log books

Nitrox vs. air comparison

Interested in diving with enriched air? I completed a wreck dive using two Aladin dive computers - one was designed for Nitrox, the other was not. After the dive I recalled the profiles from both computers and analysed them. I wrote a small document explaining some of the differences, including graphs and pictures. It is interesting for anyone who has ever asked "what advantage would I get from Nitrox?" This report will show you clearly side-by-side how both computers behaved at various points of the dive. You can also download the original data files if you would like to do the analysis yourself.

Download the report Deutsche Version herunterladen Download the data file

Interfaces & software for Aladin dive computers

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Do you use an Aladin dive computer from Uwatec? Did you know that it is very easy to download the profile data from the Aladin to either a PC or a Palm Pilot? If you use a Palm Pilot for this, it will effectively perform the same function as a MemoMouse, so you will no longer have to buy a MemoMouse to store your profile information when you are away from your PC. To get started you must first have an interface. You can either make your own - but given the low cost I would rather suggest buying one. After this you can install the software (known as Paladin) on your Palm and download the profile data to the Palm. From there you can use the normal Hotsync cable to send the data to your PC if required. Do you use Windows CE on your PDA? No problem, Uwatec have also written TravelTrak for this purpose.

Paladin for Palm Download Datatrak or Traveltrak from Uwatec Build a PC or Palm interface

External flash for your underwater camera?

Those of you who use underwater camera housings with digital cameras are probably already familiar with the problems associated with using the built-in flash. Well the guy who brought us the instructions for the Aladin interface has done it again - He proposes a cheap and easy solution to attach old non-digital flashes to the underwater housings of newer digital cameras.

Where can I get stamps for my logbook?

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One of the most popular companies for custom-made diving stamps is Stampex. They are based in Germany, but will ship worldwide. They aren't always cheap, but it is very easy to order your stamps online, and they are usually dispatched very quickly. They also have a wide range of pre-made designs for you to choose from.

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