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Diving Links

Nitrox bank, Cave ExcursionsNitrox bank, Florida

Here's a collection of links to the websites of people or organisations that I know or am associated with.

Technical / Cave Diving

InnerSpace Systems Corp. - Makers of the Megalodon rebreather, the same unit I use.
Eagle's Nest Technical Divers - Home of Larry and Debra Green. One of the permanent fixtures in the cave diving community, and makes some very nice reels.
NACD - National Association of Cave Divers.
IANTD Austria - Website by Horst Schmid.
Umex - Dive store in Vienna, Austria. Owned by Arnold Gerstl and Horst Schmid. I do frequent trips with these guys.

Sport Diving

Blue Divers - My "local" store in Zurich.
PADI - My sport diving agency.
Hotel Fernsteinsee - One of our favourite haunts for crystal-clear lake diving in Austria.

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